Saturday, January 17, 2009


After a long break, your friendly blogger is back.I must apologise to my regular visitors for not updating my blog.I am sure all of you would have been bored reading my old posts all over again.I assure you that I will keep updating my posts regularly from now on and I hope to receive your true suggestions and comments.Without further ado,let me straight jump to my latest post.

After a series of movie reviews,I decided to write something else for a change.The plot for this post happened on January 17th 2009.I made a visit to Bhavan's Vidya Mandir,Girinagar,my alma mater,which gave me the first leap to my future.It was the day on which my school was conducting its annual mega event-Magnum Opus 2008-2009.An event, which i remember my batch conducting a couple of years back and reaping success in the end.I was really excited about my visit since it was after a 4 month-long gap that I was stepping into my school.To meet my teachers,who gave me wisdom in every sense of life,my friends,who were there for me through my thick and thins,and the campus,which was,is,and will always remain my second home was truly exciting as well as a nostalgic experience for me.

I was deeply touched by the way my teachers expressed their affection for me and the confidence and the faith they imposed on me made my heart and soul shed tears of joy.And of course,my batchmates were as jolly as ever.Their physical appearances might have changed,with some growing tall,some growing thin,and some sporting moustaches and beards,but they are still the true Bhavanites at heart.And they are and always be my faithful friends.

And about the campus,well, there's nothing much to say about it.Its the still same old campus(except that it was repainted,i guess) with the same old classrooms,the same old stage and the same old buildings.I experienced the feeling of the old memories coming back to me as I took one glance at the majestic structure.

How I wish that I was still studying at my school??How I wish that my school life was extended by another 50 years or so with the same old friends of mine, at the same old campus with the same teachers??

Life has to move on,and one must accept life the way it is.But whatever life throws at me,whatever challenges I face,those memorable moments I had at my alma mater will always be etched in my memory throughout my life.And January 17th 2009 will always be remembered by me as one of the most memorable days, and as a day I spent at my alma mater.


huisperfect said... friend i really liked yr new style of writing ....and i really liked yr dis blog u said skool days r de most memorable dayz itz damn true yar!!!u understand itz value only ven u r out and apart frm it.. do keep writing beautiful blogs like dis and keep rckin!!!looking 2 hear more frm u.

Anju said...

I like your style Vinay.. Good stuff.. But yeah, school was the best! :P

Rajashree Prabhu said...

I agree .... I really miss my school days more than my college life..... Nice review.... keep writing.

Nina Prasad said...

This just brought tears to my eyes!!! I miss skul sooooo much!! Gawd how much ever i try to convince myself that its all over, ITS NOT HAPPENING!!!!!!! A thousand cheers Vinay!!!
P.s. But i did NOT sport a moustache!!!!!