Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The IPL organizers have more good news!!! The


competition is slowly gripping in my house. And the


brains behind this are myself and my group of


enthusiastic buddies!!! Its been only a couple of days


since the sporting extravaganza concluded. But in my


house, the BATTLE has just begun!!! The warriors


include myself, Srinath S Kamath, Sarath Warrier, Atul


Krishnakumar, Vishal Badani and Joe Thaliath. The


inaugural matches were played today. After today’s


matches, the Kings XI Punjab lead the pack.


The teams are represented as follows:-


Kings XI Punjab – Srinath S Kamath


Kolkata Knight Riders – Atul Krishnakumar


Chennai Superkings – Vinay Utham


Mumbai Indians – Vishal Badani


Rajasthan Royals – Joe Thaliath




Bangalore Royal Challengers – Sarath Warrier


          Some people might find this crazy, others might find


this amusing. Whatever be the reason, the IPL bonanza


has finally caught up with the youth!!! So people,




Note:- The results are:-


1.   Match 1 - The Kings XI Punjab beat the rest.


2.   Match 2 – The Kings XI Punjab beat the rest


3.   Match 3 – The Kings XI Punjab beat the rest


So, you see people Yuvi and his men seem to be on a


rampage. Will the other teams be able to stop the


thunderous Kings XI. Keep checking this blog


regularly to know who finally wins ‘THE DLF IPL


REVISITED’ championship.