Monday, June 29, 2009


Yashraj Films-I've got one advice for u:-"YOU NEED TO INTROSPECT". Well, the grandaddy of all production industries is on its way down. Well, at least their latest release surely indicates that.

After slumdog millionaire,I didn't get a chance to view any movies for a really long time. After weeks and weeks of waiting, I finally got a chance to watch one. There were 3 good movies in the list-Terminator,X-Men Origins and New York.And since I am a hardcore Bollywood fan, I chose New York.And the moment, the film started, I knew I had made the wrong choice.All my anticipations took a battering as i continued to watch the film.Its not as bad as Tashan or Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic, but it just doesn't deserve the "worth watch" title.

The movie, as u may have heard in the reviews, centres around the post 9/11 scenario when detentions were on a high and even a pizza delivery boy could have been on the suspect list.

The plot was good, but the script simply blew it up.They say it was the story of 3 friends, it was anything but that sadly.The good times of their friendship could be seen briefly, presented in its full charm through a song that had no intention of coming to an end.And the good times end there.

The viewer is then taken through a burst of scenes that portray nothing but violence, sadness, and misery.And the climax is even worse.Looks like Aditya Chopra loved Jannat and he decided to use it as the climax of this one.The only problem is he made it simply look worse.

John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, and Neil Nitin Mukesh did play their parts well.Even Irffan Khan was at his acting best, but this bunch of actors just couldn't save the movie from going into pits.

I am going with 2 out of 5 for Yash Raj's newest venture.Desperate times seems to be ahead for Yash Chopra and his battalion unless they don't pull their socks.If you ask me, I think they need to produce films with SRK in the lead till the tables turn.After all, SRK is their lucky mascot!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


After a long break, your friendly blogger is back.I must apologise to my regular visitors for not updating my blog.I am sure all of you would have been bored reading my old posts all over again.I assure you that I will keep updating my posts regularly from now on and I hope to receive your true suggestions and comments.Without further ado,let me straight jump to my latest post.

After a series of movie reviews,I decided to write something else for a change.The plot for this post happened on January 17th 2009.I made a visit to Bhavan's Vidya Mandir,Girinagar,my alma mater,which gave me the first leap to my future.It was the day on which my school was conducting its annual mega event-Magnum Opus 2008-2009.An event, which i remember my batch conducting a couple of years back and reaping success in the end.I was really excited about my visit since it was after a 4 month-long gap that I was stepping into my school.To meet my teachers,who gave me wisdom in every sense of life,my friends,who were there for me through my thick and thins,and the campus,which was,is,and will always remain my second home was truly exciting as well as a nostalgic experience for me.

I was deeply touched by the way my teachers expressed their affection for me and the confidence and the faith they imposed on me made my heart and soul shed tears of joy.And of course,my batchmates were as jolly as ever.Their physical appearances might have changed,with some growing tall,some growing thin,and some sporting moustaches and beards,but they are still the true Bhavanites at heart.And they are and always be my faithful friends.

And about the campus,well, there's nothing much to say about it.Its the still same old campus(except that it was repainted,i guess) with the same old classrooms,the same old stage and the same old buildings.I experienced the feeling of the old memories coming back to me as I took one glance at the majestic structure.

How I wish that I was still studying at my school??How I wish that my school life was extended by another 50 years or so with the same old friends of mine, at the same old campus with the same teachers??

Life has to move on,and one must accept life the way it is.But whatever life throws at me,whatever challenges I face,those memorable moments I had at my alma mater will always be etched in my memory throughout my life.And January 17th 2009 will always be remembered by me as one of the most memorable days, and as a day I spent at my alma mater.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Hello friends...after a small break...I am back to writing movie reviews. And this time, I have chosen a movie that has quite surprised me with its simplicity, its humor, its star-cast, and more importantly with its rocking music. Yes, I am talking about the recently released, Farhan Akthar starrer Rock On!!

After the Singh and the Haseenas, I was just thinking what next....and then came Rock On, a movie, which I didn't expect to do well at the box office, honestly. I was not banking on Farhan Akthar's acting and didn't want to waste my money on a movie that I thought was over before it even began. Still...after hearing that it got a rating of 3/5 and Farhan's acting was appreciated, I was a bit surprised and decided to go watch it. Still, I didn't go in with much expectations.

After watching the first half, I was pretty sure that my money is wasted...and a rocking party with friends would have been better. One of my friends was watching it twice and I seriously thought that he had gone crazy for wasting his money twice for such a movie. I did mention it to him but he kept mum and didn't say a word back to my hasty criticism.

Anyways, I thought, I have already paid for the ticket and didn't have much to do at off I went in for the second half. Little did I know that the movie, in the latter half, would take a sudden turn and become one of the greatest movies ever made!!

Flawless acting, excellent script, satisfying climax, and never-ending music sums up Rock On. Unlike my other reviews, I will not utter a single word about the story neither will I give a full-detail summary...because it deserves to be seen and appreciated!! Reading a summary will not suffice...and it is not enough to appreciate the content of the movie. It has to be watched and you have to spend some cash and watch it...only then will you be in a position to appreciate and more importantly, understand the foundation of the movie.

Farhan Akthar, Arjun Rampal, Prachi Desai, Purab Kohli, and Luke Kenny have performed their roles more than their potential...and that truly attributes to the success of Rock On. Whats more...the music truly matches the title of the is truly rocking..and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have sent a strong message that it is not Pritam and Vishal-Sekhar alone who rock the music charts.

With Rock On, Farhan Akthar has proved that he has the potential to become one of the greatest stars of Bollywood. His versatility is his weapon and his strength. I mean, how many stars of Bollywood can act, direct, and sing with precision? This guy has the talents, he has the skill, it will depend on how well he utilizes them. He has got the boost thanks to Rock On....we will have to see how well he goes on from here....I have already put my money on his next release, Luck By Chance!!

I guess my review has propelled you to go watch this movie. Go with your family, your friends, your girlfriend, or anyone else...its a complete package of emotions, masti, and music!! So, go watch it, I am sure you will not regret. My only advice to all my friends out there is please do not judge the movie by the first will be committing a terrible mistake by leaving the cinema hall after watching the first half...have patience...because this movie has even proved that patience pays!!! Have a wonderful weekend friends...and Rock On!!!
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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Non-stop comedy, 3 gorgeous beauties, 1 macho man, and 50% crap sums up Yash Raj's latest release Bachna Ae Haseeno. After Singh is King, I had put my money on Bachna Ae Haseeno, with a guarantee that the movie mite stop Yash Raj Studios' recent streak of flops. To a certain extent, the movie certainly managed to do so....but as usual, in the end, it simply choked. However compared to the recent releases of Yash Raj, the movie can be considered to be entertaining.

Raj, played by the macho man and India's new heart-throb Ranbir Kapoor, is a game designer. He is also the narrator of this movie...and takes us through the three phases of his life. Starting from the age of 18 and ending at the age of 29. The movie completely revolves around Raj and his three beauties who he meets in each of these phases.

First comes Minissha Llamba...who is an 18 year old girl, crazy about SRK's hit movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. She totally adores the character Raj, played by SRK in the film and is waiting for her own Raj to come and take her. Enters Ranbir Kapoor and she falls in love with him, thinking that this is the Raj she was looking for. But a small misunderstanding leads to their break up and the movie moves into the year 2002, where Bipasha Basu urf Radhika enters into Raj's life, a small town girl from Ranchi aspiring to become a Bollywood star. She was Raj's neighbour and they fell in love. Radhika wanted to marry Raj and was willing to do any kind of sacrifice for him...whereas Raj just didn't want to marry and was doing as a timepass. Raj gets an excellent career offer in Sydney...and he leaves Radhika on the day of her marriage. In Sydney...he meets his third love in the form of Gayathri urf Deepika who is an able and independent taxi driver...Gayathri changes Raj's life and he realises that what he did to Mahi(Minissha Llamba) and Radhika was completely wrong and sets out to correct them. Will he be forgiven by Mahi and Radhika...and will Gayathri ditch her dislike for marriage and accept Raj? These are the questions that the movie answers...

The movie starts off with a bang and the audience are enchanted by the fabulous acting of the four stars and the non-stop comedy, which is seen throughout the first half. The first half ends and so does the charm of the movie end along with it. Now, the story takes a sudden brake and is unnecessarily dragged, sapping the patience and the interest of the viewer in the process. The viewer feels like cursing the movie and is longing for the movie to end. I myself, was yawning throughout the second half of the it had nothing to give. The only thing that saves the movie towards the end is the flawless acting.

The music is excellent and matches the expectation of the viewer from the dynamic duo of Vishal and Sekhar. If you thought that Pritam was rocketing past the others...the music of Bachna lets you think again. Vishal and Sekhar are back to the top of the charts with some mindboggling fast tracks. The theme music and the title song are also commendable.

Overall, the movie is average...and it does stand a chance to be a hit...but one of the main factors, for it to be a hit, will be, as I have said before, the superb acting put forward by Mr. Macho and the three glamorous beauties. Going by the script...I wouldn't fancy watching Bachna especially due to the second half.

A popular news channel gave Bachna 2.5/5...I am going to be a bit more lenient and give it a 3/5. I would say its a one-time watchable movie..but if you have other important commitments, then please do not sacrifice them for the movie..its not worth it...I promise you that you wouldn't miss much even if you failed to watch it...Singh is Kingg is far far better than if you haven't watched Singh is Kingg...then it would be worth watching that before you even think of Bachna Ae Haseeno.

Or, in other words...please save your money(this is what I mean by the title of this post) and use it for doing something worthwhile than spend it on Bachna Ae Haseeno. If you don't have anything worthwhile to do..then you may go for this movie..but trust me...after a worthwhile first'll feel like leaving the theatre after you see the second half!!! Have fun guys!!!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hello my dear Friends. I hope you enjoyed my review of Singh is King and sincerely believe that most of you must have watched the movie by now. Now, I thought of changing the topic for my new post. If I continue to add movie reviews, I am sure my readers will be bored. So I have decided to switch to another topic of my interest-Sports. And speaking of sports, I decided to focus on the Olympics. And speaking of the Olympics, I decided to focus on the athlete who has taken Beijing by storm by capturing 8 gold medals in the 8 races he participated. Yes, I am talking of none other than Michael Phelps.

7 days, 20-25 races(including the heats, semifinals and the finals), 8 events and 8 golds. History created. 36 year old record wiped out. Yes, this is what Michael Phelps achieved in one of the greatest sporting events of all time- The Beijing Olympics 2008. He came with a mission and achieve it in style. Out of the 8 finals he swam, 7 of them were won in World Record times- an achievement that has raised the question whether Phelps is the greatest ever sportsman ever born!!

His dream was shattered in Athens 4 years back when he won only 6 gold medals and 2 bronze. But he decided that he was not going to repeat his mistakes all over again. He took to the pool and made it his very own playground. I am sure that all of you who saw his races would agree with me that Phelps was his own competitor!! Such was his brilliance and domination that if one constitutes Phelps as a nation he would be standing at number 6 in the official medals tally!!! And more importantly, he also made, the record of the most number of Olympics medals, his very own. He has now a total of 16 Olympic medals-14 golds and 2 bronze.

And whats fascinating is that he is only 23 years old. That means, we could see a further emulation of this 8 gold medal record at London 2012. I will not be surprised if he finishes 2012 Olympics with a total of 24 medals with a total of 22 golds.

There was a Carl Lewis, a Paavo Nurmi, an Al Oerter, A Mark Spitz....but what the world will remember from 17th August 2008 is that there is a Michael Phelps-The greatest sportsperson of the millennium!!!

However there were close misses also in his journey to greatness. But then, without risks and setbacks noone can succeed in life. His second race, the 4X100 freestyle relay headed for a nailbiting finish. Phelps nearly lost his second gold medal during the race but for his US teammate Jason Lezac who swam from behind and defeated the hot favorite Alain Bernard in the last second to win the race. Furthermore, in the seventh race, Phelps won by a hundredth of a second to equal Mark Spitz's 36 year old record and the rest was history. The overcome of these narrow misses clearly showed that Phelps was destined to overtake Mark Spitz. But it was his hard work combined with a splendid display of swimming that really did the job!!

Beijing 2008 was Phelps's playground...History was created on August 17th at this very venue...Come London 2012 will see Phelps emulating his own feat and will stamp his supremacy once and for all...make no mistake about it. Even after this, I am sure that it will take nearly 40 years from now for another Michael Phelps to appear and break this phenomenal record. Till then, Swimming has only one legend and his name is Michael Phelps!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Dear readers, I hope you liked my review of BATMAN-THE DARK KNIGHT and I am sure that most of you have seen it and loved it. Now here's another movie review, which will give you an idea whether you want to watch it or not. I am not imitating Mr. Rajeev Masand or any other film critic, who are experts in analyzing and giving out the precise review about each and every movie that releases. I, on the other hand am talking from the audience's perspective, who are not experts but can identify true entertainment from garbage stuffs!!! So, its up to you to decide whether to believe my reviews or decide otherwise. Anyways, the latest review that I am publishing here is about a Sardar who goes from zero to hero!!! Yes, the word sardar clearly gives you the idea about the movie I am talking about, which is none other than SINGH IS KINNG!!! I went for this movie with my friends on a pleasant Saturday afternoon. I had heard from some other friends about the movie and also read that the movie has secured a record 70-80 crores in the opening weekend and 11 crores overseas, so I thought why not watch this movie. Moreover, the tickets for Bachna Ae Haseeno was sold out, so I had little choice too, to be precise!!! Anyways, we entered the theatre with not much hopes. And finally, the movie began.
The one thing I noticed about the film is that it is hilarious and will make any viewer laugh, from the word go. It is a movie that has everything- romance, action, tragedy, sentimence, and more. But all these factors constitute only about 25% of the movie. The rest 75% of the movie, which makes Singh Is Kingg another superhit after Jaane Tu is COMEDY!!! And the comedy part is spearheaded by none other than our own Punjab Ka Puttar, AKSHAY KUMAR. His acting is truly amazing and shows a gradual transition of the Khiladi Akshay to the Comedy Akshay. He plays a young villager from Punjab, and has the natural gift of creating havoc wherever he goes!!! His role is supported by his best friend, the elegant Om Puri, young as ever even now!!!
The film starts off in Australia, where Sonu Sood, who is christened here as Lucky urf KING, a guy from Punjab who through deceit and treachery emerges as the KING. Of all the films I saw of Sonu Sood, this has been his best perfomance!!! The film starts off with an action scene but from then on, it is comedy, comedy and more comedy. I haven't laughed as much for any movie as I have laughed during Singh Is King.
And when I speak of comedy, how can I forget of the one man who is truly the BAAP of comedy and choreography- JAVED JAFFREY. He plays a guy who is blind and deaf and who is the bodyguard of Sonu Sood.
With Singh is King, AKSHAY KUMAR has made a firm entry in the race to become the KING OF BOLLYWOOD. Of course, SRK AND BIG B might still be ahead, but the time is not too far when our Punjab Ka Puttar will become the BAADSHAH OF BOLLYWOOD. With this movie, AKSHAY has clearly justified the title of this post of mine!!! And then, of course, there is Pritam, who continues to dominate the music industry with his sizzling tracks. He, along with Vishal and Shekhar has been the best in the music business so far. And with Singh Is Kingg, without any doubts, I can say that Pritam has gone one step ahead. Hats off to this musical genius!!!
Coming back to the movie, a "brutal" accident caused due to the negligence shown by Akshay Kumar urf HAPPY SINGH(Akshay's character), Lucky gets injured and can't talk...out of another misunderstanding, Happy Singh is made the new King till Lucky gets well. Now the movie takes a sudden twist, as the new King is totally different from the Old King. He transforms the lives of all the main people of the King, which includes Neha Dhupia and others. From dangerous criminals Happy Singh converts them to good, faithful human beings. And then comes another twist, a new villain appears and the movie goes into flawless action packed climax.
And when I speak about this movie, how can I forget the glamorous and gorgeous KATRINA KAIF, who is studying for law in Egypt but comes to Australia to meet her mother, played by the beautiful KIRRON KHER. RANVIR SHOREY plays a cameo role as Kat's boyfriend cum fiancee. Apart from converting the criminals to good human beings, will Happy Singh urf new King be able to win Katrina's heart? And what happens to the Old King? Will he come back to normal life and, will he spare Happy Singh, whose negligence led Lucky to that condition? So many questions whose answer can be got only through one way- watch SINGH IS KINGG. I am sure you will not regret!!! This is another blockbuster from the AKSHAY KUMAR-VIPUL SHAH-ANEEZ BAZMEE team. So,what are you waiting for? Grab a packet of popcorn and rush to the theatre where the movie is screened. You may miss anything else, but do not miss SINGH IS KINGG!!!
So, readers, tell me what you think about the movie by publishing your comments in this blog. As far as I am concerned, I would rate this movie 4.5/5. Can't give it a full five because no movie is perfect!!!
So, go, enjoy the movie!!! Believe me, its worth every penny you spend!!! By the way, have a look at this trailer to firmly make a decision to watch the movie. Enjoy!!!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


First of all, sorry for the delay in updating my blog. I was just thinking about what to post, when one day i went to see Batman-The Dark Knight in Sridar theater, Cochin. I went with a lot of anticipation because I heard a lot of hype revolving around the movie. I mean, anyone would if they have heard that the movie broke all records, one of the news channel giving it 4/5, plus comments from friends. I entered the theater which was house full as usual, and off i went into the movie. The movie started with a bang without introducing the star cast and other crew members, and initially, I felt that it was an advertisement or something...but when I heard the word Joker in the movie, all doubts cleared. The first scene itself was mindblowing!!! My eardrums throbbed as I saw the joker killing his own mates and then driving away with the money, in a bus. I was like, ok, the start is perfect!!!
And then, as the movie got unfolded and more of attacks, including the mastermind murders of the mayor and the Commissioner of Gotham City arrived, I was left to ponder on the fact that if Heath Ledger was ever alive today, he would be doing evil roles for the rest of his life, and without any doubt, grabbing Oscars after Oscars for every role. The evil smile and the mastermind moves of the Joker was truly immortalized by Ledger. I would definitely say, without any hesitation that the majority of the credit should go to Ledger for making the Dark Knight a true blockbuster. Furthermore, I wish to add that in the centuries to come, I don't think any other actor would perform the way that the late Heath Ledger has carried out. Of course, my post is about the Dark Knight, but it cannot be completed without pouring infinite praise on Ledger!!!
Coming back to the movie, what makes the Dark Knight a true blockbuster, is flawless acting, a script that promises full of suspense and action, and the incredible stunts, especially batman jumping off a skyscraper and the way he ejects out of the bat mobile and allowing it to self-destruct!!!
The involvement of Harvey Dent as the Two-Face also makes the Dark Knight even more fascinating. Unlike other batman movies, which were comic-oriented, the Dark Knight truly gives us a picture of the typical action blockbuster!!!
With death-defying scenes and mouthwatering action, it will be no surprise if it doesn't sweep the Oscars next year!!!
For all those who haven't watched the movie so far, whatever you may be busy with, it is my request that you keep away some time atleast this weekend and go watch the movie with family or friends, or if no one is there, I would advise you to go even alone and watch it. The motto is simple:- Watch THE DARK KNIGHT!!! And I promise you that each and everyone of you would say, The Dark Knight is a TRUE BLOCKBUSTER!!!