Saturday, September 6, 2008


Hello friends...after a small break...I am back to writing movie reviews. And this time, I have chosen a movie that has quite surprised me with its simplicity, its humor, its star-cast, and more importantly with its rocking music. Yes, I am talking about the recently released, Farhan Akthar starrer Rock On!!

After the Singh and the Haseenas, I was just thinking what next....and then came Rock On, a movie, which I didn't expect to do well at the box office, honestly. I was not banking on Farhan Akthar's acting and didn't want to waste my money on a movie that I thought was over before it even began. Still...after hearing that it got a rating of 3/5 and Farhan's acting was appreciated, I was a bit surprised and decided to go watch it. Still, I didn't go in with much expectations.

After watching the first half, I was pretty sure that my money is wasted...and a rocking party with friends would have been better. One of my friends was watching it twice and I seriously thought that he had gone crazy for wasting his money twice for such a movie. I did mention it to him but he kept mum and didn't say a word back to my hasty criticism.

Anyways, I thought, I have already paid for the ticket and didn't have much to do at off I went in for the second half. Little did I know that the movie, in the latter half, would take a sudden turn and become one of the greatest movies ever made!!

Flawless acting, excellent script, satisfying climax, and never-ending music sums up Rock On. Unlike my other reviews, I will not utter a single word about the story neither will I give a full-detail summary...because it deserves to be seen and appreciated!! Reading a summary will not suffice...and it is not enough to appreciate the content of the movie. It has to be watched and you have to spend some cash and watch it...only then will you be in a position to appreciate and more importantly, understand the foundation of the movie.

Farhan Akthar, Arjun Rampal, Prachi Desai, Purab Kohli, and Luke Kenny have performed their roles more than their potential...and that truly attributes to the success of Rock On. Whats more...the music truly matches the title of the is truly rocking..and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have sent a strong message that it is not Pritam and Vishal-Sekhar alone who rock the music charts.

With Rock On, Farhan Akthar has proved that he has the potential to become one of the greatest stars of Bollywood. His versatility is his weapon and his strength. I mean, how many stars of Bollywood can act, direct, and sing with precision? This guy has the talents, he has the skill, it will depend on how well he utilizes them. He has got the boost thanks to Rock On....we will have to see how well he goes on from here....I have already put my money on his next release, Luck By Chance!!

I guess my review has propelled you to go watch this movie. Go with your family, your friends, your girlfriend, or anyone else...its a complete package of emotions, masti, and music!! So, go watch it, I am sure you will not regret. My only advice to all my friends out there is please do not judge the movie by the first will be committing a terrible mistake by leaving the cinema hall after watching the first half...have patience...because this movie has even proved that patience pays!!! Have a wonderful weekend friends...and Rock On!!!
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Vidhu said...

dude...u said the right thing....its the first rock movie of india n now its turned out 2 b one of the greatest movies still not satisfied though i saw the film 2 times.... n the songs comes 2 my mind each time i close my eyes....if u miss this are the loser....
n friends...please go to the theater n watch the movie....its defntly worth your money.....

~marky~ said...

i wanna go c !!

Rajashree Prabhu said...

Yep ....will def go and see the movie and as you have not disclosed the story it makes me all the more curious. I have heard the music & its is rocking ....ROCK ON Vinay nice review....and friends do post your comments as you READ ON .