Wednesday, August 6, 2008


First of all, sorry for the delay in updating my blog. I was just thinking about what to post, when one day i went to see Batman-The Dark Knight in Sridar theater, Cochin. I went with a lot of anticipation because I heard a lot of hype revolving around the movie. I mean, anyone would if they have heard that the movie broke all records, one of the news channel giving it 4/5, plus comments from friends. I entered the theater which was house full as usual, and off i went into the movie. The movie started with a bang without introducing the star cast and other crew members, and initially, I felt that it was an advertisement or something...but when I heard the word Joker in the movie, all doubts cleared. The first scene itself was mindblowing!!! My eardrums throbbed as I saw the joker killing his own mates and then driving away with the money, in a bus. I was like, ok, the start is perfect!!!
And then, as the movie got unfolded and more of attacks, including the mastermind murders of the mayor and the Commissioner of Gotham City arrived, I was left to ponder on the fact that if Heath Ledger was ever alive today, he would be doing evil roles for the rest of his life, and without any doubt, grabbing Oscars after Oscars for every role. The evil smile and the mastermind moves of the Joker was truly immortalized by Ledger. I would definitely say, without any hesitation that the majority of the credit should go to Ledger for making the Dark Knight a true blockbuster. Furthermore, I wish to add that in the centuries to come, I don't think any other actor would perform the way that the late Heath Ledger has carried out. Of course, my post is about the Dark Knight, but it cannot be completed without pouring infinite praise on Ledger!!!
Coming back to the movie, what makes the Dark Knight a true blockbuster, is flawless acting, a script that promises full of suspense and action, and the incredible stunts, especially batman jumping off a skyscraper and the way he ejects out of the bat mobile and allowing it to self-destruct!!!
The involvement of Harvey Dent as the Two-Face also makes the Dark Knight even more fascinating. Unlike other batman movies, which were comic-oriented, the Dark Knight truly gives us a picture of the typical action blockbuster!!!
With death-defying scenes and mouthwatering action, it will be no surprise if it doesn't sweep the Oscars next year!!!
For all those who haven't watched the movie so far, whatever you may be busy with, it is my request that you keep away some time atleast this weekend and go watch the movie with family or friends, or if no one is there, I would advise you to go even alone and watch it. The motto is simple:- Watch THE DARK KNIGHT!!! And I promise you that each and everyone of you would say, The Dark Knight is a TRUE BLOCKBUSTER!!!


Tarun said...

Thanks for the great review, Vinay. Given a chance I would definitely watch it, after reading your review.

R said...

Well written!!Vinay. Feel like watching the movie after reading your review . Watch more movies & keep on writing .Also loved your writeup on confessions of a teenager. How true we realise mistakes only after we commit them. Well its never too late to correct them . God bless.