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Non-stop comedy, 3 gorgeous beauties, 1 macho man, and 50% crap sums up Yash Raj's latest release Bachna Ae Haseeno. After Singh is King, I had put my money on Bachna Ae Haseeno, with a guarantee that the movie mite stop Yash Raj Studios' recent streak of flops. To a certain extent, the movie certainly managed to do so....but as usual, in the end, it simply choked. However compared to the recent releases of Yash Raj, the movie can be considered to be entertaining.

Raj, played by the macho man and India's new heart-throb Ranbir Kapoor, is a game designer. He is also the narrator of this movie...and takes us through the three phases of his life. Starting from the age of 18 and ending at the age of 29. The movie completely revolves around Raj and his three beauties who he meets in each of these phases.

First comes Minissha Llamba...who is an 18 year old girl, crazy about SRK's hit movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. She totally adores the character Raj, played by SRK in the film and is waiting for her own Raj to come and take her. Enters Ranbir Kapoor and she falls in love with him, thinking that this is the Raj she was looking for. But a small misunderstanding leads to their break up and the movie moves into the year 2002, where Bipasha Basu urf Radhika enters into Raj's life, a small town girl from Ranchi aspiring to become a Bollywood star. She was Raj's neighbour and they fell in love. Radhika wanted to marry Raj and was willing to do any kind of sacrifice for him...whereas Raj just didn't want to marry and was doing as a timepass. Raj gets an excellent career offer in Sydney...and he leaves Radhika on the day of her marriage. In Sydney...he meets his third love in the form of Gayathri urf Deepika who is an able and independent taxi driver...Gayathri changes Raj's life and he realises that what he did to Mahi(Minissha Llamba) and Radhika was completely wrong and sets out to correct them. Will he be forgiven by Mahi and Radhika...and will Gayathri ditch her dislike for marriage and accept Raj? These are the questions that the movie answers...

The movie starts off with a bang and the audience are enchanted by the fabulous acting of the four stars and the non-stop comedy, which is seen throughout the first half. The first half ends and so does the charm of the movie end along with it. Now, the story takes a sudden brake and is unnecessarily dragged, sapping the patience and the interest of the viewer in the process. The viewer feels like cursing the movie and is longing for the movie to end. I myself, was yawning throughout the second half of the it had nothing to give. The only thing that saves the movie towards the end is the flawless acting.

The music is excellent and matches the expectation of the viewer from the dynamic duo of Vishal and Sekhar. If you thought that Pritam was rocketing past the others...the music of Bachna lets you think again. Vishal and Sekhar are back to the top of the charts with some mindboggling fast tracks. The theme music and the title song are also commendable.

Overall, the movie is average...and it does stand a chance to be a hit...but one of the main factors, for it to be a hit, will be, as I have said before, the superb acting put forward by Mr. Macho and the three glamorous beauties. Going by the script...I wouldn't fancy watching Bachna especially due to the second half.

A popular news channel gave Bachna 2.5/5...I am going to be a bit more lenient and give it a 3/5. I would say its a one-time watchable movie..but if you have other important commitments, then please do not sacrifice them for the movie..its not worth it...I promise you that you wouldn't miss much even if you failed to watch it...Singh is Kingg is far far better than if you haven't watched Singh is Kingg...then it would be worth watching that before you even think of Bachna Ae Haseeno.

Or, in other words...please save your money(this is what I mean by the title of this post) and use it for doing something worthwhile than spend it on Bachna Ae Haseeno. If you don't have anything worthwhile to do..then you may go for this movie..but trust me...after a worthwhile first'll feel like leaving the theatre after you see the second half!!! Have fun guys!!!

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jo said...

hey vinay dude... cngrts to u 4 keepin up th gud work...and also 4 bein impartial...newez personally i lykd th movie...worth a watch once as u said..really gud music and bcground score...story fails in th middle..but its ok...i lykd it..

Rajashree Prabhu said...

Good Post & nice you are giving a true opinion. Hum jaroor paisa bachayenge.Lekin teen Haseenon ka kya karenge?