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Dear readers, I hope you liked my review of BATMAN-THE DARK KNIGHT and I am sure that most of you have seen it and loved it. Now here's another movie review, which will give you an idea whether you want to watch it or not. I am not imitating Mr. Rajeev Masand or any other film critic, who are experts in analyzing and giving out the precise review about each and every movie that releases. I, on the other hand am talking from the audience's perspective, who are not experts but can identify true entertainment from garbage stuffs!!! So, its up to you to decide whether to believe my reviews or decide otherwise. Anyways, the latest review that I am publishing here is about a Sardar who goes from zero to hero!!! Yes, the word sardar clearly gives you the idea about the movie I am talking about, which is none other than SINGH IS KINNG!!! I went for this movie with my friends on a pleasant Saturday afternoon. I had heard from some other friends about the movie and also read that the movie has secured a record 70-80 crores in the opening weekend and 11 crores overseas, so I thought why not watch this movie. Moreover, the tickets for Bachna Ae Haseeno was sold out, so I had little choice too, to be precise!!! Anyways, we entered the theatre with not much hopes. And finally, the movie began.
The one thing I noticed about the film is that it is hilarious and will make any viewer laugh, from the word go. It is a movie that has everything- romance, action, tragedy, sentimence, and more. But all these factors constitute only about 25% of the movie. The rest 75% of the movie, which makes Singh Is Kingg another superhit after Jaane Tu is COMEDY!!! And the comedy part is spearheaded by none other than our own Punjab Ka Puttar, AKSHAY KUMAR. His acting is truly amazing and shows a gradual transition of the Khiladi Akshay to the Comedy Akshay. He plays a young villager from Punjab, and has the natural gift of creating havoc wherever he goes!!! His role is supported by his best friend, the elegant Om Puri, young as ever even now!!!
The film starts off in Australia, where Sonu Sood, who is christened here as Lucky urf KING, a guy from Punjab who through deceit and treachery emerges as the KING. Of all the films I saw of Sonu Sood, this has been his best perfomance!!! The film starts off with an action scene but from then on, it is comedy, comedy and more comedy. I haven't laughed as much for any movie as I have laughed during Singh Is King.
And when I speak of comedy, how can I forget of the one man who is truly the BAAP of comedy and choreography- JAVED JAFFREY. He plays a guy who is blind and deaf and who is the bodyguard of Sonu Sood.
With Singh is King, AKSHAY KUMAR has made a firm entry in the race to become the KING OF BOLLYWOOD. Of course, SRK AND BIG B might still be ahead, but the time is not too far when our Punjab Ka Puttar will become the BAADSHAH OF BOLLYWOOD. With this movie, AKSHAY has clearly justified the title of this post of mine!!! And then, of course, there is Pritam, who continues to dominate the music industry with his sizzling tracks. He, along with Vishal and Shekhar has been the best in the music business so far. And with Singh Is Kingg, without any doubts, I can say that Pritam has gone one step ahead. Hats off to this musical genius!!!
Coming back to the movie, a "brutal" accident caused due to the negligence shown by Akshay Kumar urf HAPPY SINGH(Akshay's character), Lucky gets injured and can't talk...out of another misunderstanding, Happy Singh is made the new King till Lucky gets well. Now the movie takes a sudden twist, as the new King is totally different from the Old King. He transforms the lives of all the main people of the King, which includes Neha Dhupia and others. From dangerous criminals Happy Singh converts them to good, faithful human beings. And then comes another twist, a new villain appears and the movie goes into flawless action packed climax.
And when I speak about this movie, how can I forget the glamorous and gorgeous KATRINA KAIF, who is studying for law in Egypt but comes to Australia to meet her mother, played by the beautiful KIRRON KHER. RANVIR SHOREY plays a cameo role as Kat's boyfriend cum fiancee. Apart from converting the criminals to good human beings, will Happy Singh urf new King be able to win Katrina's heart? And what happens to the Old King? Will he come back to normal life and, will he spare Happy Singh, whose negligence led Lucky to that condition? So many questions whose answer can be got only through one way- watch SINGH IS KINGG. I am sure you will not regret!!! This is another blockbuster from the AKSHAY KUMAR-VIPUL SHAH-ANEEZ BAZMEE team. So,what are you waiting for? Grab a packet of popcorn and rush to the theatre where the movie is screened. You may miss anything else, but do not miss SINGH IS KINGG!!!
So, readers, tell me what you think about the movie by publishing your comments in this blog. As far as I am concerned, I would rate this movie 4.5/5. Can't give it a full five because no movie is perfect!!!
So, go, enjoy the movie!!! Believe me, its worth every penny you spend!!! By the way, have a look at this trailer to firmly make a decision to watch the movie. Enjoy!!!

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Rajashree Prabhu said...

Hey Vinay ,I agree with you. Akshay is a true entertainer. I loved his acting in Bhool Bhulaiya. A well directed comedy movie is definately appreciated by any audience. And after reading a good review.... well the theatres are going for a housefull if they read yours!!!
see more movies & have fun.
R `shree

jo said...

wooow...whom do we hav hear??is it th vinay whom i ..u r doing a really gud work..keep it up..and as 4 th movie...i ws also der with him....wel...though my hindi is not all tht gud..i njoyed watchin SINGH IS KINGH Happy....made me laugh lyk hell... aa gud one....pure entertainer!!! don b hesitant on whtr to watch it...go on...

Amrita said...

Hey....Vinay..luved d review....esp Dark time write bout something other than movies..k? hehe.....nywayz i appreciate yr literary skills.....rokk on maaan..!!!!!!111

joy said...

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Ps said...

Rajashree sent me.
i like akshay's comedy too.
preeti (just a mother of two)